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PostSubject: clanrules   Mon Feb 06, 2012 11:39 am

Clan Rules

clanleader: Angarath
Subleader: Yamamenco
Officers: Deepdark, Yorba, Charna

1. No Clan Member allowed to use illegal software, use of such a software results in immediate kicking from clan

2. Clan Members shall have their mains in Angels of Aden

3. Clan Members shall have an active Forum account and visit the Forum regularly

4. All Raid boss drops go to clan warehouse

5. Clan Members have to follow the instructions and orders given by Leaders and Officers

6. Clan Members have to inform the Leaders if they are absent for more than 14 days

7. Clan Members have to respect each other, insults/trashtalk between Members are strictly prohibited

8. We are a strictly PvE clan, Do not trashtalk, grief or PK other people!

9. Always think about the consequences of your actions, act like mature players to honor the Clan's reputation

10. If you leave the Clan or stop to play please inform the Leaders about your reasons and return any gear you got lend or have nomore use for

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